Granite Ridge Golf Club adheres to all provisions of the provincial/state liquor control and licensing regulations. No alcoholic beverages other than those provided by the Granite Ridge are permitted anywhere on the premises. We reserve the right to examine the contents of golf bags and other items for personal alcohol.

Smoking or consuming marijuana in any form is prohibited anywhere on Granite Ridge property. Exceptions may be made to this policy where an individual has a medical certificate indicating that the use of marijuana has been approved by a healthcare professional. In such cases, Club Management must be notified and individual accommodations discussed in advance of any such use on Granite Ridge property.

Cart Rentals
Cart drivers must be over the age of 21 or have a full G License. Cart drivers do not have to be over the age of 21 as long as they have their G License. Those with a G1 or G2 License must be over the age of 21 before they can drive a power cart.

When renting a power cart from Granite Ridge Golf Club, you must adhere to the cart rental agreement which states:
‘Property is hereby leased for not more than 18 Holes and not more than 5 hours. Lessee agrees to keep said property in the same condition as received. It is expressly understood and agreed that Lessor shall not be liable for damages of any kind whatsoever to said property. Lessee agrees to hold Lessor free from all such damages. The Lessee agrees to pay or reimburse the Lessor on return of said property to lessor, for all charges incidental to all breakages or damage (other than ordinary wear) to said property. The receipt of above property, in good order and repair is hereby acknowledged by Lessee. Lessee agrees that no more than 2 persons and 2 bags at any time are allowed in golf cart.’

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