Rates 2024

2024 Golf Rates

Monday to Thursday

(excluding holidays)

18 Hole Green Fee$66
After 4:00 pm TWILIGHT Green Fee$45


(excluding holidays)

18 Hole Green Fee$71
After 4:00 pm TWILIGHT Green Fee$48

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

18 Hole Green Fee$75
After 4:00 pm TWILIGHT Green Fee$50

Specialty Rates

Seniors (55+)

Green Fee
Senior Rate only valid Monday to Friday
Excluding holidays

Junior (18 years or younger)

Green Fee
Junior Rates valid anytime Weekdays,
ONLY after 3:00 pm on Weekends and Holidays
Juniors PLAY FREE with Paid Twilight Rate

Power Carts

18 Hole Double Occupancy$21 per rider
Twilight Double Occupancy$14 per rider

Membership Guest Rate

Limited to Three Guests to Fill Tee Time

Monday to Friday$50
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays$60

Membership Power Cart Rates

18 Hole All Day$17.70 per rider
Twilight / 9 Holes$10.62 per rider


Pull Carts$8.85
Rental Set of Clubs$20

2024 Game Packs

7 Day

10 Game Pack$740  ($74/rnd)
20 Game Pack$1,460  ($73/rnd)
30 Game Pack$2,160  ($72/rnd)
40 Game Pack$2,840  ($71/rnd)


Monday to Friday. Excludes holidays.

10 Game Pack$490  ($49.00/rnd)
20 Game Pack$960  ($48.00/rnd)
30 Game Pack$1,410  ($47.00/rnd)
40 Game Pack$1,840  ($46.00/rnd)

Monday to Thursday

Excludes holidays

10 Game Pack$650  ($65/rnd)
20 Game Pack$1,280  ($64/rnd)
30 Game Pack$1,890  ($63/rnd)
40 Game Pack$2,480  ($62/rnd)


Excludes holidays

10 Game Pack$700  ($70/rnd)
20 Game Pack$1,380  ($69/rnd)
30 Game Pack$2,040  ($68/rnd)
40 Game Pack$2,680  ($67/rnd)

Shared Per Rider Cart Fee

10 Game Pack$200  ($20/rnd)
20 Game Pack$380  ($19/rnd)
30 Game Pack$540  ($18.00/rnd)
40 Game Pack$680  ($17/rnd)


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